Nuffield Foundation and Cara work together to support at-risk academics

Cara is delighted to announce that the Nuffield Foundation has recently launched...

Cara Annual Report 2016-17

We are very pleased to announce the release of Cara’s Annual Report...

Wolja’s Story – A Cara Fellow from 1938

I grew up in a very untidy family. My mother often apologised...

Cara’s Syria Programme: Support from Elsevier

Over the summer, Cara has been working in Turkey with its Syria...

Liu Xiaobo

With deep sadness, Cara takes note of the death of Liu Xiaobo,...


Einstein led our first appeal for funds in 1933, but unfortunately the need for Cara remains today. You can help support our work.

University & Partner Support

The support that many universities provide for Cara Fellows, through fee waivers and often other financial and in-kind support, is the basis for everything that Cara is able to achieve.

Cara Champions

Countless academics, administrators, and those with no apparent affiliation to academia offer Cara their generous support.

Volunteer & Intern

Cara offers a number of opportunities to interns and volunteers to support our work and gain valuable not-for-profit experience.