Today, the challenge is greater than ever. To meet this urgent need, we must look to our partners in universities and similar institutions to offer places and wide-ranging support for academics at risk. We also need the help of individuals who can contribute expertise and advice. And of course, we need funds - the more we have, the more people we can help. So there are many ways you can get involved.

Universities and other institutions can help by providing places with fee waivers, and other support where possible, for academics who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of persecution, violence or conflict.  Individual members of university communities can help Cara Fellows and their families to settle into their new, temporary, homes, and by contributing time, energy and expertise to Cara as an Adviser, Champion or Student Ambassador.  There are opportunities for interns and volunteers to work in our office, to gain valuable experience of working for a charity.  And, of course, anyone can help by making a donation, large or small – to make a one-off donation, click here, or to make a regular donation to our ambitious new ’10 x 20′ campaign, click here.




Please donate to support our work, which saves and transforms lives. We are grateful for all donations, large or small. Albert Einstein led our first appeal for funds in October 1933, speaking at the Royal Albert Hall about the need for urgent... read more

Volunteer & Intern

Without the involvement of willing volunteers and interns, Cara might not exist today. Cara offers a number of opportunities to interns and volunteers to support our work and gain valuable not-for-profit experience.  As a small organisation Cara is reliant on the important... read more

University & Partner Support

There are a number of ways that universities and partners can assist Cara in its work. The support of the Cara Scholars at Risk UK Universities Network, now comprising 117 institutions, is central to the effective delivery of Cara’s work.  Much has... read more

Cara Champions

From our earliest days, when William Beveridge established a founding council which included luminaries such as John Maynard Keynes, Margery Fry and A. E Housman, to the present, Cara has depended on supporters to act as champions for our cause. A... read more