There are a number of ways that universities and partners can assist Cara in its work.

The support of the Cara Scholars at Risk UK Universities Network, now comprising 117 institutions, is central to the effective delivery of Cara’s work.  Much has been achieved; but the need is growing all the time, so Cara is keen to develop further partnerships with universities and research institutes, trusts and foundations, learned societies and like-minded organisations, who want to take part in this life-changing work by hosting a Cara Fellow.  Many UK universities also contribute, through a voluntary annual subscription, to Cara’s running costs; Cara gratefully acknowledges this vital support, without which it could not operate.

Cara is also very interested in building partnerships with universities and similar institutions outside the UK, who might be able to host an academic at risk.  Cara already has active partnerships with universities in France, Germany, Canada and Australia. Any university in any country that wants to support Cara’s work by hosting an academic, with a fee waiver and, if possible, support for living costs, is invited to contact Cara’s Executive Director, Stephen Wordsworth.

Host an Academic

Cara receives new appeals for help every week from academics at risk. Many of them have already been forced to flee their homes; others have been hanging on, but now need to get away, often urgently. Supporting as many of them as possible is stretching Cara's funds to the limit. Cara is therefore asking institutions that wish to host an at-risk academic not only to provide a full fee waiver, but also to consider, wherever possible, providing in-kind support and direct financial assistance to the Fellow and any accompanying family dependents. Many universities have already been very generous, which has transformed Cara's ability to help many desperate and deserving people.

Sponsor an Event

Cara staff are always willing to visit universities, to meet staff and students and talk about Cara's life-changing work. Such events provide an opportunity for universities and partners to learn more about Cara's work, and how they can help.

Development & Alumni Funds

Cara is working with a number of university Development and Alumni Offices, who have found that their alumni and staff colleagues are often willing to give generously to support fellow academics at risk. Cara would be delighted to talk to any university Development Office that wanted to explore the possibility of engaging in activities and appeals to support Cara's work.

Memorandums of Understanding

Recognising the importance of Cara's work, some Members of the the UK Universities Network have signed Memoranda, setting out a framework of support and cooperation. Such agreements can be tailored to the individual institution, and provide a way to set out clearly what each side can expect of the other, over an agreed period, including Cara's responsibility for carrying out initial checks and assessments, and the university's role in hosting a Cara Fellow.
If you would like to support our work please contact us, by phone or by post, or by e-mail at Cara: Information.