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Volunteer & Intern

Without the involvement of willing volunteers, Cara might not exist today.

Cara is always happy to hear from volunteers who want to support our work. While we no longer recruit unpaid interns, recognising that people deserve to be properly paid for their work, there are a number of ways in which people working in academia or an allied profession can support what we do:

Cara Champions

Countless academics, university administrators and managers, offer their humanity, their generosity and the practical, but essential, support to Cara and its Fellows. There are also many with no apparent affiliation to academia, who ‘get’ our work, opening their homes to our Fellows. Click here for more information.

Cara is always looking to extend its own expertise by seeking academic and professional volunteers to provide appropriate advice and guidance to support our work. This includes discipline-based and regional advice, and professional expertise in a range of fields such as media and communication. Contact us for more information.