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Donations in memory

Cara is grateful for all those who have donated in memory of loved ones. Your donation has been vital to our work helping persecuted academics, and their families.

In Memory of…

Professor Svend H Riemer

Karen Broome donated in memory of her grandfather, Svend H Riemer, who was supported by Cara (then the SPSL) in 1938.

Dr Gabrielle Ellinger

We are grateful for a number of very generous donations in memory of Dr Gabrielle Ellinger, daughter of Professor Philipp Ellinger who was supported by Cara (then the SPSL) in the 1930s. Dr Ellinger died peacefully at her home on 8 December 2013, leaving Cara a substantial legacy.

Dr Roona Simpson

We are grateful for the generous support of friends of Roona Simpson, of Glasgow University, who passed away on 7 February 2017.

Professor Per-Olov Löwdin

We are grateful for the generous donation of Eva Elmsäter, Anna Löwdin and Per Elmsäter in memory of Professor Per-Olov Löwdin, a Quantum Chemist of Uppsala University and the University of Florida.

Professor Gustav Born FRS

We are grateful for many generous donations, at the family’s request, from friends and relations in memory of Gustav Born, son of Max Born and a loyal friend of Cara.

Professor Peter Spufford FBA and Professor Margaret Spufford OBE FBA

We are grateful for a generous donation from their son Francis in memory of his parents, who were themselves regular donors to Cara.