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Ukraine Crisis

The world was shocked by Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and continues to be appalled by the damage that is being done across that country every day. Many loyal Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or badly injured while defending their homeland, and many civilians have been brutally mistreated, even murdered, by the occupiers. Millions of ordinary people have been displaced, and thousands of buildings destroyed or badly damaged. The allegations of serious war crimes are piling up.

Kharkiv National University

Among the displaced are many university academics; among the buildings, many universities and research institutes. We have received, and continue to receive, generous offers of support from our UK university partners for their Ukrainian colleagues. While most men in Ukraine between the ages of 18 and 60 are expected to stay to support their country's defence, and many women are also choosing to stay, others – particularly women with young children – have needed help to escape to a place where they can be safe.  So far (May 2024) we have helped 40 Ukrainian academics to begin placements at UK universities as Cara Fellows, with more on the way.  We have also been participating fully in the British Academy-led ‘Researchers at Risk’ Programme, which has provided awards at UK institutions for 180 researchers who were previously based in Ukraine; all but three of them are now in the UK.  

Ukrainian academics who are already in the UK may also wish to look through our Funding Directory for Ukrainian researchers

We also recognise the bravery of the Russian academics who, in the early stages of the conflict, signed online open letters criticising the war, or who have since voiced their opposition in other ways or are at risk because of their past engagement with civil society groups which are now banned in Putin’s increasingly isolated Russia.  16 Russian academics are now also at institutions in the UK, with Cara's help.  Others who need to escape are also welcome to seek our support.

Like any charity, we rely heavily on donations to support our work. In recent days we have seen many more individuals coming forward to help us in this way. If you are safe, and want to contribute, please donate here. Thank you.