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Other Fellowship Programmes

Cara's Fellowship Programme

Cara’s Fellowship Programme is open to direct applications from individual academics at risk in their home country or who have been recently displaced, regardless of nationality, and aims to secure temporary postdoctoral or PhD placements. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

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The Phillipp Schwartz Initiative

The Philipp Schwartz Initiative supports academics at risk through placements at German universities and research institutes. The scheme is only open to academics who have completed a PhD or equivalent degree. Individual academics cannot apply to directly to the scheme, but rather must be nominated by a German host institution. Academics interested in the scheme should contact potential host institutions in Germany who will then apply on the academic’s behalf. Cara’s role is limited to providing risk assessments (the US-based Scholars at Risk can also be asked for such assessments), which must be requested by the host institution. Currently, candidates from Afghanistan and Ukraine can self-certify their risk, without needing to involve Cara or SAR. The 2023 application round has recently closed, and the results will be announced by the end of November 2023. 

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The 'Researchers at Risk' Scheme

The British Academy-led ‘Researchers at Risk’ scheme was launched in April 2022, to provide support to Ukraine-based academics who were being nominated by a UK University. Most of the funding came from UK Government departments. Cara provided risk assessments, at the request of the intending host University and, where a university’s bid was successful, is paying the awards to the researcher on behalf of the British Academy (most awards are for two years).

Seven application rounds were held, resulting in 180 awards, taking up all the  funding that has so far been provided. We are hoping that further funding will be made available at some point, and will post any updates here. In the meantime, individual academics who meet the criteria of Cara’s Fellowship Programme are welcome to apply to Cara.

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