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How I fled bombed Aleppo to continue my career in science

May 23 2024

We were delighted to see a detailed profile in Nature of Cara Fellow Aref Kyyaly, who escaped from conflict in Syria with our help and is now working as a lecturer in biomedical science at  Solent University.  Click here to read the full article.

If you’re passionate about research, about science, I think my advice is to never give up. I was about to give up in 2013 before I reached out to Cara because everything felt closed to me,” he says. Now he has a job he loves; his children are enjoying school in the United Kingdom; and he and his wife feel accepted into British society. It’s been years since he last saw his parents but he’s hoping in the near future to be able to meet them once again.

“If you have to change fields, change fields. Change jobs if you must. Keep moving. Keep your dream in your mind until you have the chance to get it out into the real world.