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Inspireurope+ - Update on National-level Actions in Europe

Apr 29 2024

As the lead for Work Package 2, ‘Guidance for Researchers at Risk’, in the second phase (2022-25) of the EU’s ‘Inspireurope’ programme, Cara is proud to share the latest update on National-level Actions in Europe. 

Recent international crises have resulted in an increasing number of applications for assistance from at-risk scholars. The gap between the number of applications and the funding available for positions has increased since the last Inspireurope report on national-level initiatives was published in 2021.

The stakeholders surveyed in this current publication report a sustained need for additional engagement and initiatives, including scholarship placements to support researchers and their families. They recognize that these researchers bring with them their unique perspectives and experiences, which can enhance knowledge production, increase diversity in science and education, and raise awareness of the threats to academic freedom on a global scale.

The continued engagement with researchers at risk through national-level actions as well as on a European scale signals the enduring commitment of European academic communities and political actors to the value of academic freedom as a driver of research excellence and as a cornerstone of democratic societies.

The full Report is available here.