Two academics die in the battle for Mosul

November 24, 2016 | News

As the offensive to liberate Mosul continues, the population are trapped in urban warfare. With ISIS indiscriminately targeting soldiers and civilians, it is with sadness that Cara reports the death of two academics from the University of Mosul.

Dr Adnan Abdul-Rahman Altay from the School of Medicine was executed for refusing to surrender to ISIS fighters and treat their wounds. Another staff member, Professor Safwan Amad from the Electrical Engineering Faculty, was killed following a bomb that hit his house in the al-Bakr area.

Infrastructure has been targeted by ISIS too. Four of the five bridges over the Tigris connecting have been destroyed, and Cara’s source believes ISIS will soon destroy the remaining bridge. Colleagues at the Medical College fear they will be separated from the main campus of Mosul University in the East of the city.